Proud to sponsor the Wellbeing Challenge Awards Celebration Event, and more!

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We are delighted, not only to be able to sponsor the Wellbeing Challenge Awards Celebration event, but to also be presenting the Frederick’s Award for Sustainability. 

Frederick’s are a fourth-generation luxury Italian ice cream business, with three parlours in the Chorley and Wigan area and over 120 flavours!

We decided to sponsor this award because after being involved last year and loving the work that the team at Lancashire Mind are doing, we felt we wanted to be involved once again. I was impressed and moved by last years Wellbeing Awards and the amazing ideas that were put forward by pupils with the support of their teachers. As a family run business we aim to create a work environment that provides health, wellbeing and lots of love for the many young adults and students who work with us.

About our Sustainability Award winner! 

Our award went to a school who have made extensive and impressive plans for the sustainability of their asset.

This year’s winner is:

Witton Park Academy in Blackburn!


Here is some information about their amazing project:

Pupils decided that in order to improve wellbeing, a longer lunchtime would be beneficial for both staff and students. The group put together a strong case to change the timetable and facilitate a longer lunch break. The group prepared an in-depth and professional presentation, which they delivered to 3 members of the senior leadership team. They succeeded in gaining a voice in ongoing consultations on the school day. They have also been asked to facilitate a new set of lunchtime wellbeing clubs in the new school year.

What the judges said about the project:

“The planning of this project showed the best sustainability, which encouraged pupils to lead sessions during the longer lunch. This shows ownership and future training of pupils to keep the lunchtime activities going”